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F/A-18 Super Warrior v10.3.0 RELEASE

F/A-18 Super Warrior v10.3.0 RELEASE

Jun 25, 2022

To all Top Gun graduates. You are elite pilots. You are the best of the best.
These are yesterday. Today you have a special task - you will be our test pilots of F/A-18F experimental upgrade - Super Warrior.
It has various experimental technological improvements that you should test, evaluate effectiveness and report back with results.
Carrier operations, aerial combat, aerobatics - you will need all your skills to succeed. Find SW limits, test them and force - full list of improvements you will find below. Show me what you can do.

And last one - another group of Top Gun students smashed all our F/As into the ground or plunged them into the bath. It took months to recover our fleet which drains our financial reserves. If you wish the project to evolve - please follow Buy Me a Coffee link under description and donate so we can continue to perform Super Warrior upgrades.

Update archive contains:
F/A-18F Super Warrior with almost all features migrated EXCEPT:
- canopy animation
- XBOX and aviators liveries
Custom TOP GUN carriers near KWAL - one anchored, one moving.

You can download files from

Features to test:
- launch from static carrier using catapult, should work same as before
- arrive to static carrier using tailhook, should work same as before
- launch from moving carrier, catapult should work same as on static one, known issue - shuttle position does not match launchbar properly
- arrive at moving carrier, arresting gear should work same as in the challenge. to release the cable raise the tailhook handle.

- Additional option added for HMD - TrackIR, it has limitations like no targets designation and does not fade out when you look on the panels
- LSO on screen indication appear when landing runway selected through ATC menu and tailhook deployed (works with any runway but not moving carrier yet)
- Wallops Landing Practice weather preset match (more or less) all three carriers runway heading

Known issues:
- moving carrier can't have ILS or even selected by ATC menu (for OLS appearance)
- moving carrier disappears (being teleported to initial location) if you fly away from carrier spawn point about 100km, even if carrier itself was near to you at this moment
- aircraft sink under the deck if you try to slew on it

Fly safely. Dismiss. Let's go to work.

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