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Dec 29, 2020

Welcome to all the new members who've joined after the DR200 video! Great to have you. Soooo... the XR600R for the next bike is very exciting (check https://torturetestmagazine.com/collections/xr600r-project if you haven't already), but there's something way bigger that I'm going to be working on while we gather funds for the XR. I'm making moves to launch a sister company. The whole journey of becoming this endurance-racing thing that I am forced me to learn a ton about health and fitness. I learned more about health and fitness than dirt bikes along the way, actually. The new company will be built on that knowledge. I won't be the sole owner of this one, because I already have too much stuff making my head spin, but I'll be driving the launch and I'll be largely involved afterward to keep good things coming.

We are going to start out by selling the supplement stacks that I found to be extremely helpful for dirt bike racing in the exact "race day formulas" that I've found to work best. Safe, well-tolerated, proven, easy to take, supplements that turbo charge your physical and mental performance.

I'm starting with supplements because I've gone through so, so many different products finding what works for me and at the end of it all, I found a few key areas where nobody makes the formulas that I find most helpful for riding a dirt bike. They just don't exist out there in a turn-key product, so I'm going to make it happen. I think people will be blown away by the difference that these things can make.

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