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TomTime - FAQ

TomTime - FAQ

Dec 13, 2020


What is TomTime?

TomTime is for the listener; the reader; the thinker. TomTime is the crossroads where imaginative adventurers, fearless dreamers, never-back-downers, and classic rock aficionados meet. The door is open; make yourself at home, and if you feel lost, don’t hesitate to reach out. Welcome.

What’s behind the curtain? 

Under the TomTime umbrella, you’ll find:

TomTube - 20-minute live performance streams on YouTube, featuring “California Dream” album cuts, classic cover tunes, and new unreleased songs (two / month)

TomTunes - early and exclusive access to acoustic demos, preliminary mixes, and / or final masters of unreleased music, to stream and download (MP3) (at least two / month)

TomTomes - a variety of prose writings, including fictional short stories and personal observations, each written in one sitting at dawn on the title-marked date (four / month)

Tommentary - mid-length audio podcast featuring musings on the world we live in, with equal doses of sincerity, gravity, and levity; also includes segment “As I Hear It”, a different kind of album review focused on the songwriting, production, and other musical choices made on a recent release

How does it work?

There are three ways you can engage and support TomTime. Here’s what you can expect to find at each level of support:

Visitors - as a public visitor to TomTime, you’ll get:

  • one TomTube live performance stream per month, including re-watch access on Vimeo

  • one TomTunes acoustic demo of an unreleased song (stream / download)

  • one TomTomes writing to read and download per month

Supporters - for just the cost of a cup of coffee ($3), you’ll receive access to the following until the end of the month of your support donation: 

  • all content available to visitors

  • one exclusive TomTube live performance stream (watch live / re-watch)

  • one TomTunes acoustic demo of an unreleased song (stream / download)

  • one TomTomes writing available (read / download)

  • one Tommentary podcast episode (stream)

Members - for $5 / month, or $50 for the year, members receive the full offerings of TomTime during the duration of their membership, including:

  • all content available to visitors and supporters

  • exclusive access to TomTunes preliminary mixes and final masters before they are released

  • re-watchability of all TomTube live streams

  • two additional TomTomes writings per month (read / download)

  • one additional Tommentary podcast episode per month (stream)

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