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03 Updates from Tiny Factories 🌱🗽

03 Updates from Tiny Factories 🌱🗽

Mar 16, 2020

Tiny Factories is a tribe of indie makers helping each other to ship products. We are working toward a future where folks can be creatively independent by becoming - what we call - an indiepreneur.

Every month (or so), we send out an update about our project progress. If you'd like to receive this in your inbox, you can subscribe here.

⛽️ Weiwei: Hey there! It's been a little while since we last sent out an update. You can say that we were hibernating, or that it was the holiday season, but honestly, things went a little sideway for some of us. One day, I will probably write about it, but I'm not ready yet.

Anyhow, we are almost approaching Spring, which means everything's about to start blooming! 🌱We've been quietly making and learning in the last few weeks and we are ready to share with you!

😇 Tiny Gathering ♪
How can we send out an update without gathering in real life? If you are in San Francisco and are available this Friday (2/28) evening, come hang!
Tiny Gathering 05

📇 TinySpace Profiles
As some of you may know, we have a cozy Discord community where folks share interesting articles and project updates with each other. When new members join the group, they often write a short paragraph that introduces themselves. While that kickstarts conversation, we've been wondering how we might prompt everyone to break the ice a little more, especially since everyone is spread out all over the world. Jess proposed this wonderful idea of having folks each make a TinySpace profile.

Over the past week, Weiwei and Jess put together a playground in Figma for everyone to design a personal profile using Figma components. Much like Myspace, each profile is visually designed like an online profile—folks have the flexibility to create, arrange, and personalize however many windows they want to introduce themselves. We will soon have the profiles up on our website, and one day, we will have them on a physical wall as well. Here's a screenshot of what the Tinyspace gallery looks like!

TinySpace ProfilesThe gallery of our members!

TinySpace WorkflowSteps and rules to build profiles

If you'd like to introduce your own community to Figma, we've made the file publicly available, so you can play around with it! :-)

🔜 New York
There are a few of us who will be in New York in March. If you are around, do say hi so we can drink tea together! If you have any recommendations, please send them our way as well. ^-^

🥁 That's it for now
We have a few projects in the works now, they include instagram filters, transit swag, a flashcard tool, and a batch image processing tool. They will all be ready soon-ish. If you'd like to peak at some of these projects, Weiwei now uploads screenshots and screen recordings of her project progress to Futureland.

So, we will catch you later?
Until then, be kind and warm to each other! ♡

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