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I was on Monday Communions and feel AMAZ ...

I was on Monday Communions and feel AMAZING!

Apr 19, 2021

You know that thing where you speak with people online and they seem like your kind of people, but you're still aware that it's online and you've not actually held an actual 'proper' conversation in the traditional sense of the word? Yeah that.

I've been speaking with the wonderful Nickie from Reasons to be Cheerful for at least a year now through Instagram and have contributed a few small bits of writing for their 'gram. She invited me on Reasons to be Cheerful a few months ago and I was well up for it as I'd listened to a few of their past communions (this is what they rightly call their interview series) and I'd always enjoyed the depth and breath of the interviews.

So fast forward to today and I skip back from the school run aware that I'll be chatting to Mark for this week's Monday communion. I'd met Mark last week when we had a Zoom meet to chat through the concept and it made me even more excited to have today's talk. It felt like speaking to an old friend. And low and behold, that's how the entire interview / communion felt!

We talked about my childhood, grandparents, college, EVERYTHING! I've never felt so seen and so at peace. Can you imagine how intrusive that could have felt if there was no chemistry or you felt on edge the entire way through? Anyway, I didn't feel that way and what resulted was, in my humble opinion, a really honest and open look into what makes me, well, ME!

If you want to watch the interview, I'll link to it next week. For now, do check out the rest of the Monday Communion episodes over on the Reasons to be Cheerful website.

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