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Stopping Capitalism At The Kármán Line: ...

Stopping Capitalism At The Kármán Line: Why Russia-China Want Space War

Dec 28, 2021

Elon Musk's near takedowns of the Chinese space station (once in July and once in October according to the report submitted to the UN) may be the provocation that will kick off the real-life Star Wars scenario. This is very consistent with all of the mass media brainwashing and preconditioning. It's not asteroids, comets, or aliens that we need to be concerned about. Those things are random and not partisan.

The Space Commies of Russia and China are uniting against the Space Cowboys of the West, preparing to put it into a new Dark Age. I'm thinking again of Pope Bezos on his $500 million dollar mega-yacht as a metaphor, much like the Titanic, the Western world headed for the iceberg but unable to correct course.

It seems to me that the iceberg is Russia and China and the conflicting visions about man's conduct on Earth and beyond.

So far, it must be noted, America is leading the way in ruining the environment in low earth orbit, just as it does terrestrially. This will have consequences. Will Space be a place to repeat the mistakes we made on Earth? It certainly will be if this Titanic isn't course-corrected soon.

Space is the new Wild West. But is this sustainable?

Masked servants on the 500 million dollar mega-yacht. Very unsustainable.

To be clear, I think the real World War 3 is the Elite vs the Individuals. When Russia and China team up to shoot down our communications satellites, I won't be waving a Space Force flag (unless it becomes mandatory).


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