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Dec 02, 2023

Self-Sacrifice, Family Values, Non-Toxic Masculinity on Full Display

It was hailing when I got home after watching the Godzilla movie. I arrived to the sound of tree cutters buzzing in a background already made chaotic with police sirens, a garbage truck, and a circling C130. All that was missing was a giant radioactive dinosaur to complete the scene. The theatre replaced the old flip seats with fully adjustable reclining seats with individual tables. The darkness was near pitch (no light leaks anywhere) and the sound was impeccable. The scamdemic is what cleared the seats (by this I don’t mean to say via death, but rather the transition from theatre to home entertainment, which was all but finalized in 2020).


I predict Conservatives will love Godzilla Minus One as much as they hated Barbie. 

This would make sense as Progressives love Barbie Feminism. Barbie opens up to a scene of little girls bashing baby dolls’ heads on rocks while denouncing motherhood and the nuclear family. Barbie becomes a real woman but Ken remains a neutered, “superfluous” plastic male. Conservative widely denounced the film and staunch anti-feminist Ben Shapiro infamously burned a Barbie doll like an old-fashioned witch burning.

Godzilla Minus One, by stark contrast, is full-blown non-toxic masculinity and traditional family values on display. 

An orphaned child, whose parents were killed in an air raid, is rescued by a self-sacrificing single woman. The hero of the story takes them in and they form a family. His friends chastise him for not already having married her. 

There are many examples of strong and competent males roughly forcing the weaker characters to “man up” as the politically incorrect expression goes. The subtext is blatantly about the unintended consequences of war as a self-perpetuating self-regenerating gargantuan hell-bent on destruction. Godzilla was created by man as a prehistoric reptilian monster, awakened and empowered by nuclear radiation

#BarbieHeimer was the theme for the summer of 2023. Barbie and Oppenheimer represent the male and female duality at their extremes: Babylon and the Beast.

Oppenheimer referred to the bomb as “the destroyer of worlds,” famously paraphrasing from the Bhagavad Gita. The “destroyer” is also “Abaddon” or “Apollyon” from Revelation 9:11, which refers to an “abyss.” Godzilla symbolizes the destroyer in the abyss which sinks the Titanic West. (The Titanic sinking represents the sinking of the West, as does the sinking of the Twin Towers. James Cameron, whose Titanic contained predictive programming for the sinking of the Twin Towers, was at the site of the sunken ship on 9/11/01 filming a documentary called “Ghosts in the Abyss.”

Again, this is consistent with the theme of Godzilla as a metaphor for nuclear weapons, and, it reiterates much of the predictive programming for a nuclear weapon used on the US, predicted in another James Cameron movie, Terminator 2: Judgement Day. Note too that Apollyon means: “terminator”:

The name Apollyon comes from the verb απολλυμι (apollumi), to destroy, which in turn consists of the common prefix απο (apo), meaning from, and the verb ολλυμι (ollumi), to terminate. 


Since Godzilla represents the Beast, the destroyer, it makes sense that Godzilla Minus One would similarly be the Beast to Barbie the Babylon.

Barbie was about unmitigated self-worship at the expense of the future. It opens with the destruction of baby dolls as they represent ball-and-chains, imprisoning women to a life of drudgery.

Godzilla Minus One makes numerous references to making necessary self-sacrifices for the future. It introduces an orphaned baby early on and the two primary characters put their own needs second and join to protect and raise it. What may anger the Progressives is that all the heroes in the movie are men fighting honorably and selflessly for the greater good.

The preexisting duality of Barbie Feminism vs Toxic Masculinity is reflected here, with Godzilla occupying the other side of the equation. Beneath the nuclear weapon and war-related subtext, we see these as representatives for the sides in the culture war being played out between one side in favor of the nuclear family and traditional values, and the other side, advocating the end of the nuclear family, the sinking of the West, and a move into a Progressive, transhuman world.


  • This one is Toho Studio’s 33rd Godzilla film

  • Godzilla turned 69 on 11/3/2023.

  • The One World Trade Tower opened on 11/3/14, “rising” 13 years after the Twin Towers “sank”.

  • “69” = Cancer, the Crab, the Kracken, and the Titan submersible which sank and IMPLODED on the Summer Solstice 2023, the day the sun enters Cancer. 

  • This ties in Godzilla Minus One when they try to kill the monster dragging him so deep that he IMPLODES at the bottom of the ocean. This happened to the submersible when we entered Cancer.

  • The Titan submersible was shaped like Jaws, interestingly, and a character compared Godzilla's attacks to that of a "giant shark". Another reference to a beast or a monster in the depths of the ocean, the “destroyer”/ “Apolloyon” or “terminator” in the Abyss. Terminator 2: Judgement Day contains a scene of. the West Coast being hit by a nuclear weapon. Cameron, who made 33 dives to the site of the Titanic, is an important metascriptor and one of the architects of the coming judgment of the West mega-psyop…

Thanks for reading. I will respond to comments live.

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