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From The Desk of Tim Ozman 3/15/22: I ha ...

From The Desk of Tim Ozman 3/15/22: I haven't "believed" a fake news story since..........

Mar 15, 2022

I haven't "believed" a fake news story since.......................................................

I have not been duped by the media since, well, I literally don't remember. What I do recall is being cautious about stating my conclusions right away. The prevailing wisdom in the chats was "don't automatically call it a hoax," and to "think about the victims and their families." Right, let's give the obvious crysis actwhores the benefit of the doubt, and then what? Debunk the story after it's already done its damage? The reason I am a full-blown "auto-hoaxer" for mainstream events is that today's unchallenged lies become tomorrow's historical record.

I was somewhat sensitive to the alleged tears of the alleged victims up until the Jussie Smollett thing. Then I realized, the Vast and Living Mainstream Media Echochamber has been jumping to conclusions this entire time. Their conclusion is always that their reporting is fact-based and not fake-based. For twenty-four hours, the world media struggled with the attempted lynching of Smolliet, unquestioningly, even as my own Youtube channel was not permitted to call a hoax a hoax.

The MSM appears to want a monopoly on calling out hoaxes, so they manufactured the Smolliet drama to make it seem like hoaxes are not the norm and they aren't in on the act. How can you trust anyone in the media that was DUPED by Jussie? I wasn't because I'm not a believer; I'm more of a knower. If I merely believe something, I won't tell people I know it. This distinction is crucial if one is to see through the world stage and its tricks.

Is it "practical" to be a philosopher-media-analyst and live a thoroughly examined life? In my opinion, yes. I'm not sure why so many conspiracy researchers equate seeing through big lies with a need to take action, like NEO against the Agent Smiths. I think the MSM wants to paint the picture that Conspiracy Radicals are the new Religious Radicals This is why they CREATED "Q" and Qanon: to Radicalize the conspiracy/ non-MSM take on world events.

My point is: I know what's going on. I don't believe the cover stories. Our reality is rigged, the coverup is ongoing, it is a conspiracy, and more and more of us are taking the 4th wall into perspective. This is the performance convention in which an imagined wall separates the stage from the audience. Actors remain in character in order to maintain a separation of their pretend reality from the real one. When a crisis actor grins inappropriately, it breaks that 4th wall and reveals the stage for what it is.

Knowing what is really going on is the only way to be legitimately sane and un-dupable. Imagine wearing a dirty sock on your face because you think it protects you from the unmasked guys in the MAGA hats.

Tim Ozman

IPR, Host

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