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FROM THE DESK OF TIM OZMAN  9/22/21 On Our Way to Hades

Sep 22, 2021

Would-be van-lifer Gabby Petito was murdered and her disappearance was a trending topic by the time her body was discovered. This is just in time for the end of Virgo. By the way, the autopsy was conducted by the same Dr. Baden who examined George Floyd’s corpse. Nothing to see here.

The story of Persephone, Virgo personified, is one of an abducted spring maiden taken to the underworld at the autumn equinox. This is another astrological narrative regarding the changing of the seasons. On 9/22, the path of the sun’s annual journey places it directly over the equator, giving us the equinox (equal-night), and thus begins the period of Libra, symbolized by the scales. So as the year slips into the dark half, or the fall and winter months, the “virgin” of the story goes into Hades.

This “Virgo sacrifice” is revealed in the symbolism. The photograph we have of Gabby includes her with wings, posing like Virgo in the constellation, both winged and with one knee bent.  Her age, 22, is constantly emphasized in the narrative. I suspect this is a tie-in to Virgin Galactic’s July 11th launch titled Unity-22. 

One of the refrains repeated by law enforcement and media has been “two left” and only “one returned”. The “two becoming one” theme is worth paying attention to. In the Great Rite of witchcraft is the conjoining of the god and goddess, the two becoming one. This is the “Unity” of the Virgin Galactic launch, an obvious fertility rite, venerating the sky goddess. There is an eye painted on the bottom of the space plane which resembles a corona, another symbol of god and goddess conjoined (the sun and moon represent the participants). 

Other photos of Gabby connect her with I, Pet Goat II is a 2012 Canadian animated short film that has many “predictive programming” tie-ins to mainstream news events like 9/11/01. Gabrielle Petito, by the way, was reported missing on Sept. 11.

What’s the point of it? I believe WE, collectively, are going to Hades. Trapped in an abusive relationship with the government, we’re taking a ride to a Dark Winter. 

In other news, the mark of the beast is apparently working. I am no longer a skeptic. Where at first the spike proteins were merely showing up as shiny red lesions on the sides of their foreheads, I’m now seeing people sprouting horns. 

Is Sydney Powell Ann Coulter in a fat suit? Last year she was referred to as “The Kraken”. Then the Kraken switched to refer to the election audits. At this time, Hunter Biden’s “crack-pipe” was force memed into the news. Then, in 2021, Mike Lindell took center stage at the election audit fiasco. Lindell was an admitted crack smoker. A former crack addict. See the pattern? A crack in our nation. A schism, a split, a crack in the dam.

We live in a cacophony of word magic, meme warfare, and disinformation. People listen to Infinite Plane Radio to remain in the know about the major fake news events of the day because we aren’t approaching media analysis from a place of willful or unwitting ignorance. I want to know what is true rather than accept a prescribed set of beliefs. 

Have a great day.


Tim Ozman

IPR, Host


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