Perceiving time is hard!?

Perceiving time is hard!?

Oct 25, 2021

I am in to the last few days of my time in the USA with Angela and the family!

Time is doing that crazy thing of both seeming to have gone very fast, while the day I arrived seems a lifetime ago.

It's been really great to be here and has helped us both get more of a glimpse of what life will be like when I eventually move. We have done a lot of normal-life things, like split up daily duties and chase kids out of the house so they will be at school on time as well as well as get time to enjoy each others company. It was recently Angela's birthday and while we had a lot of good ideas for what to do with the day, resting and relaxing ended up winning!

It is, as expected, a very steep learning curve, learning to care for 4 kids full-time. I am very aware that right now, my role is to be a support and backup to Angela and to love her well through being as helpful as possible. That has sometimes come very naturally and sometimes been a bit of a struggle, but I haven't stopped being thankful for all of them. I am extremely thankful for Angela and how she loves me and it's a privilege to love and support her, and to see God working in us both.

I hope to get to chat with other parents while I am in the UK to help me be the best step-parent I can be, especially when it comes to being organised and disciplined, especially with my walk with Christ. Any advice is welcome!! I am very aware that being a parent is a calling and I want to serve God and the family faithfully and love them well.

I'm both excited and nervous about returning to the UK. it will be 2 years since I was last there, and the unknown of waiting for visas makes me feel very unsettled. But I am very excited about seeing family and friends and being back at church both in Liverpool and in Bolton. I am planning to sign up for a few temp-employment agencies to help subsidise my income as well as try and put a little aside for my move to Colorado.

Please do continue to pray for us all as we move to another period of remote relationship, as well as plans for being married!

Heres a fully little video about life in Colorado, so you can get a feel for what ill be up to when I move ;-)



(Angela on her birthday)

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