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Waterfaller 21.10.3 Changelog

Waterfaller 21.10.3 Changelog

Nov 10, 2021

This was a great month for October with Waterfaller analyzing over 3,700 web pages. The increase in use is thanks to a wonderful Tweet from Cyrus Shepherd, “If you need help fixing/understanding Core Web Vitals, waterfaller.dev is one of the absolute best (+ free)”.

The changes for this month focused on a cleaner user experience, improved audits, and launching the Playbook feature.

  • Over the course of 3 months, I worked to design a cleaner layout that delivered more signal than noise. The result is still very text-heavy but focused.

  • I improved the audits to support the new Playbook feature. Each page analysis starts with Lighthouse but is then highly customized to deliver a well-written task. The copy for each task is highly tuned to be precise and testable.

  • The previous 2 changes support the launch of the Playbook. The Playbook is a complete guide or action plan to fixing Core Web Vitals. Based on agile methodology, it contains a theme, epics, and user stories. The result can be downloaded or each can be copied into a task management tool.

For November, I will be focused on building out By Me A Coffee exclusive content, adding a new section called "Why fix this?" to every audit, plus more. Feel free to review my Trello development board.

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