My Kids Dreaded Holiday Activities And I ...

My Kids Dreaded Holiday Activities And I Didn’t Know Why

Dec 05, 2021

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When was that moment when your child(ren) no longer wanted to join in the holiday festivities meant just for them? Mine, a few weeks ago.

I’ve spent the last 10 years creating and continuing the fun of the holidays, especially Christmas time. My son is now 11 (my daughter, 21).

They seemed to enjoy the hunts, the games, the movie time, etc. However, something changed this year.

I remember over the past 10+ years, my children would be so excited about special occasions and holidays where they would get dressed up and receive gifts.

On most occasions, we would make fun foods and items. I remember clearly, how they created handmade gifts or presents with their classmates, led by their teachers.

My kids’ current view of my holiday activities has taken a turn.

As time passed, in my world, slowly yet realistically, my son had begun to ask questions about the holidays.

What about the differences or observations, he wondered that had begun to stir up questions about the holiday tradition’s validity. You know, the biggest one, Santa.

The more inquiries he made, the more my heart broke. Since I am such a sucker for commercial holiday traditions, I had a bit of a hard time getting over that he wasn’t needing my kiddie projects.

I had become so good at and fascinated with creating, what I call holiday magic.

Becoming the tooth fairy and gently swapping my son’s tooth, he normally pulls out on his own to be replaced with a couple of quarters.

Til that faithful year that I intended to place change under his pillow and couldn’t find the tooth. Yikes!

I panicked thinking that this was the moment I would have to end another fun traditional activity. The night was saved when I found the tooth which had worked its way from under the pillow and next to him in bed.

So, I have come to the realization that my kid and my young lady are growing and their interests are changing. And, well they should. We (you and I) will have to up our game and meet or exceed their expectation for the family holiday time.

Here are 3 activities for our older children who may be a bit bored with our past ideas:

First, before anything else; ask your children what they would like to do. I’m thinking now that they are older, they can definitely articulate what they consider fun. As parents, we can take their choices into consideration and try to indulge.

  1. Baking. Being older children, they may be ready for more in-depth recipes. They might think that the pull-away cookie dough you can find in the freezer section at the grocery store to be boring.

Think about having them follow specific details that include measurements, different types of ingredients, and even having to use kitchen tools like a tabletop or hand mixer, with your supervision, of course.

2. Game night/puzzle night. There’s nothing like a ball of fun when games are near. Puzzles draw us in and help us start conversations. See that these are considered happy times, choose games that require movement, and even encourage families to play in teams.

Monopoly Game/

Think about games like Pictionary, Dominoes, and the ultimates, Monopoly, or Simon.

There are so many other games similar to these that you and your kids can choose for fun times!

Photo by cottonbro/Pexels

3. Hot Cocoa 2.0. Remember when the kids absolutely loved a warm cup of hot chocolate while watching a good movie or while you read to them?

Just guessing what you and your kids might do while drinking hot cocoa. Now, they can experience hot cocoa bombs!

This is a new drink for me. However, they can be purchased at most grocery stores and of course, online. I’m sure these have been out for quite a while. For whatever reason, I missed these, totally.

It is the cutest way to create the hot chocolate process. 

The hot chocolate bomb is a single, circle-shaped, chocolate ball wrapped in a brightly-colored foil and packaged in a small decorated paper box.

Click below for more details.

The concept is to place the chocolate ball, which is about the size of an adult’s fist, in a mug and pour the hot milk into the mug. It will quickly begin to melt and expose the goodies inside. It can be certain hot chocolate flavored, small marshmallows, etc. 

Watching it all unfold was so much fun! It was the icing on the cake. Want to take it a step further? 

Here is the Hot Chocolate Bomb recipe and video where you can make them right at home.  Thanks to!

We tried them and loved them! Here are a couple of Hot Chocolate Bombs you can try with your family!

Hot Cocoa Bombs/

I think they are the cutest and tastiest way to make and drink hot cocoa. Even better, both kids loved the experience.


As our children grow and their interests change, it will be a sweet challenge to keep their interest during the holidays. I know, that was a bit dramatic.

However, if we want to continue some of our traditions, we will have to pivot and make sure that our activities stay engaging.

There’s nothing like seeing the faces of my pre-teen and young adult having a good time participating in the fun that I arranged during the holidays.

This all gives me hope of more years of excitement engulfed in lights and delights.

What are some of your ideas (current and past) that your kids enjoyed and the ones they wouldn’t budge on?

Let us know how everything goes!

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