Loving And Romanticizing My Life

Loving And Romanticizing My Life

Jan 06, 2022

I have recently realized that the life I always wanted to have can begin with just one flower, a plush comforter, and a glass of wine.

If you love it, can dream it; then you can have it. No longer should we be concerned about what level we can believe in our dream.

I am in the process of romanticizing my life.

I am choosing one area at a time to think through and make clear for my life. That part of my world I plan to love to the fullest. It will be a space that brings me happiness in ways I hadn’t felt before.

For the last couple of years, I convinced myself that I deserve better than just the day-to-day hum-drum, cliche single mom life, or in other words, a “take care of everybody else” existence.

I can create that Pinterest board of “my world” that I see on my site each day. Spaces that I’ve dreamed of having. Spaces that I wish I could have, only if. I’ve pinned those bedroom spaces I wished for if I was a lottery winner. And because that probably will never happen, I continue to romanticize.

Then it hit me. Ha!

It is probably more likely that I can begin to romanticize my life and create those spaces one at a time. I also spent a bit of time beating myself up for wasting so much time not giving myself what I deserved.

Using retail stores online to bring to life what will be my new comfort zones.

Thank goodness for Rakuten, where I can purchase from an array of retail stores and receive cashback while shopping. I can’t wait to go online with stores that are known for the plushness of the bedroom.

Such a win, win & win!

It is such a breath of fresh air to realize that we can, on any scale we choose, offer up what brings us joy. It helped that I watched a couple of videos by those who are romanticizing their life in different ways.

Photo from Canva.com

The following 2 YouTube videos are examples:

Romanticizing Your Life Realistically,

How To Romanticize Your Life || Being the Main Character of Your Life

Here are two of several ideas on this topic that I connect with:

  1. Flowers (roses especially) make my heart sing. I had been asking myself, What keeps you from having more roses in your life? The weird mindset is that I can’t have any unless someone gives them to me.

What was I thinking? Now, whenever I choose, I buy roses, place them in a vase, and then in the middle of my dining room table. Now, I am making a space for them on the small table right next to my bed.

2). Being in my bedroom space. Since my bedroom is my favorite space, I chose to begin with transforming it. After watching a few videos and seeing that the person’s creativity determines the transformation, I began the blueprint of the makeover.

Quick glimpse: Overall cream color (bedding, lamp, rug, and cushioned headboard), dark green and burnt orange accent pillows, and abstract pictures for the wall, for starters. Hopefully, you can see it too. I am looking for that well-deserved trip to Bed, Bath, and Beyond.


Romanticizing my life is now a priority. As I live, work and take care of my family, it can become a bit stale. Here, I can create spaces around me where I am important, enjoy, and that is for me.

As I am spending time caring for others daily, the romance I am intentionally offering to myself is so worth every effort.

Are you romanticizing your life? Are you going through these changes and calling it something else? Let us know…

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