Summer Bucket List: A Free Printable For ...

Summer Bucket List: A Free Printable For Toddlers & Preschoolers

Jun 19, 2023

Summer is the perfect opportunity for children to build up to longer durations of independent play and so for the most part, our Summer rhythm is rather relaxed. The children spend a large amount of their time outdoors, creating their own games and activities as they go.

As summer approaches and I see more and more jam-packed summer schedules, I want to put this out there: It’s (more than) okay for your children to be bored. Because we live in a world of instant entertainment, where we can just place a screen in front of a bored child, we tend to forget that boredom is when creativity happens.

The problem with non-stop entertainment of children during the long summer months – or at any time – is that they come to rely on you for ideas rather than coming up with anything themselves. This leads to a lack of creativity and independence for your child and is a quick-fire route to being burned out for you.

A much better approach is to design a simple summer rhythm.

With that being said, having a Summer Bucket List, where the whole family pitches in with ideas on what they want to do, is a great way of having some focal points in what can be an incredibly long season!

The Summer Bucket List

These ideas are designed to help you get started with ideas to try over the summer. The list contains a mix of both free and paid for activities that are popular with young children from the ages of 2-3 onwards.

Some of the ideas featured might not be possible, depending on where you live so think outside of the box and make the list work for you . For example, if a beach visit is out of the question, try visiting a local creek or lake instead.

Host a family meeting to get ideas from the whole family so that everyone gets to look forward to something on the summer bucket list. Again some outside the box thinking is needed here, especially when faced with suggestions like ‘ a trip to the moon’; (try a planetarium or science centre) or an expensive trip to Disney (try a budget friendly amusement park or even a Disney movie day) is added to the list.

  1. Build sandcastles

  2. climb a tree

  3. learn to ride a bike

  4. paddle in the sea

  5. collect seashells

  6. explore rockpools

  7. outdoor art

  8. make ice domes

  9. go stargazing

  10. go camping – even if it’s the backyard

  11. run through the grass barefoot

  12. watch the sunrise

  13. watch the sunset

  14. go for a picnic

  15. make chalk spray paint

  16. go swimming

  17. explore National Trust / National Park locations

  18. make sponge water bombs

  19. attend free kids festivals in your local area

  20. make popsicles

  21. wash the family car

  22. play frisbee

  23. make fresh lemonade

  24. have a BBQ and invite friends

  25. put on a puppet show

  26. watch fireworks

  27. watch a live music festival

  28. create rock art, then hide them for someone to find

  29. eat watermelon

  30. create an obstacle course in the garden

  31. explore a new playground

  32. go on a nature treasure scavenger hunt

  33. make floral playdough

  34. create a bug hotel

  35. make a backyard den / forte

  36. read stories outside

  37. make a smoothie with seasonal fruit/ veggies

  38. host a family game night

  39. go berry picking

  40. make bubble foam

  41. visit a splash pool

  42. go to a kids movie screening

  43. plant bee and butterfly friendly plants

  44. visit a country fair

  45. go on a road trip

  46. collect recycling and create an outdoor art collage

  47. make temporary art with nature / beach  treasures

  48. go cloud watching

  49. visit a science centre on a rainy day

  50. visit a butterfly centre

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