I created a simple website to track curr ...

I created a simple website to track current withdrawal availability from exchanges with th

Jan 02, 2022


I created a community driven website to track if exchanges currently allow the withdrawal of IOTA. You can visit it here:



I'm not a dev and not a web designer. Therefore, the website is very basic due to being a hobby/learning project. Also, I'm sure that full time devs could improve a lot of my code but at least it works. Because of that I published the code on GitHub: https://github.com/braydofficial/iotaexchangestatus It stores your IP combined with your vote for 24 hours and clears the MySQL table at 12am German time every day. If more than 20% vote for suspended withdrawal of an exchange a warning gets displayed. Due to storing the IP for 24 hours voting is only possible once a day from this IP.

Why not fetch the data from the exchanges API? -> Not all exchanges allow to check if withdrawal is possible via their API. That's why it relies on your votes at the moment. The more of you vote, the better it is.

I wasn't 100% sure which exchanges listed on the official IOTA website are allowing withdrawal in general. That's why currently every exchange listed on the IOTA website is listed on the status page, too.

I also added KuCoin to my status page.

If any exchange isn't listed that has withdrawal enabled in general please tell me on GitHub so I can add them ASAP.

If you're a developer you can always fork the repo and improve it or contribute directly to the repo. Please respect the license, so that everything that is built from my small hobby project here is also publicly available for everyone in the community and stays Open Source. :)

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