COVID-19 & the future of Canreal

COVID-19 & the future of Canreal

Mar 12, 2020

Hello everyone!

After a long time we are back with a little update according to Canreal - the Hytale MMORPG. In the last few months many things in my life happened. Therefore, I didn't had that much time to work on Canreal.

So what happened?

I don't want to dive into details, but me and my girlfriend (which was involved into Canreal very much) broke up, after years of relationship. That and the fact that it hasn't made me mentally as good as usual lately has made working on Canreal difficult. Because she and me are not in contact anymore, she won't be involved in working at Canreal in the future. This is a very big setback for us and our work.

Now COVID-19 is present. How are we handling this and how will this project continue?

The event mentioned above and the current situation in relation to COVID-19 naturally make our work considerably more difficult. We still plan to continue the project as usual. All work on Canreal and communication between us is over the Internet, which makes work for us safe. We will concentrate into expanding our team to minimize our loss, and we will concentrate much more onto writing the story and the scripts, so we can start with the development as soon as Hytale gets released.

We will keep you updated with the progress in the future, too, but we won't give updates that frequent, as we concentrate on our work. I for myself will begin to make more frequent videos on YouTube about other topics in the future, too. On my channel, there will be every video about Canreal in the future, too + here on this site, I will post updates about Canreal and about my YouTube channel and my other projects. This way it's much easier for me to manage and you only need to watch one spot to follow my work and Canreal.

I hope you all and your families are feeling good. Don't underestimate COVID-19 and please stay at home, to protect yourself and others! Have a nice start in the week!

>> Puddingpapst

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