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Super-heroes in harness

Super-heroes in harness

Jul 16, 2022

Long story short I'm running several LGBTQ+ party and I have gogos dancing in harness. One of them was a super-hero themed one so ... I had to create some props that can be attached to the several harnesses we planned. So here are the files you can use yourself ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

Batman chest harness

This one attach to Barcode Berlin Double Shoulder Pad , which his a discountinued product at Barcode but I am lucky to bought several years ago.

It has a O-Ring where the bands are crossing. So I needed enough space in the center and some oblique attachment where the fabric band can rest.

I used the filament changing halt function to start printing in yellow/gold and then switch to black. And I think it turned quite good.

Green Lantern Harness

Made to go with this harness (aliexpress, not sponsored). Pair it with my Green Lantern Ring for a better effect. This is my second print and I worked on a deeper 3D effect. Here's the white in the background is clearly more to get a good contrast when wearing it.

It features a similar attachment mecanism. You stretch the fabric into the piece and it stay in place ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

That one took like 9h to print and the 1st layer of support took 42min itself. Horribly long. After 5h, it was color filament swap time and you can let it run over the night.

Green Lantern Ring

Obviously, to go with the torso attachment, you need the Green Lantern Ring ๐Ÿ˜„

This was my first rework from someone else. I wasn't quite happy with what I found here and decided to rework a bit of a model I found on Thingiverse

I scaled it to fit a ring size 74 (chubby fingers here) and wanted to use a filament change to get the white backdrop. I tried using Tipex on a previous monocolor one but the result wasn't that good. So, I'm ok having a few white layers on the entire ring to get a better final effect. 

Superman chest harness

Last one is a Superman harness plate, with ironing on finish to get a great rendering and half the size fo the green lantern one (I'm learning from my mistakes ^^). Printing time is wayyy better then. I do used also a color swapping instruction as you can see.

All thoses models can be find on my printable profile for FREE as long as you're not doing business with it (you cannot resell the files nor the printed things).

Hope you'll enjoy it.

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