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Huawei Mateview power supply under-desk ...

Huawei Mateview power supply under-desk mount

Sep 16, 2023

I have the lovely Huawei Mateview screen and I wanted to be able to fix the power supply under my desk.

The print is pretty easy to perform, print on the side so you don't need supports, but don't print in PLA, I repeat DON'T USE PLA. I've done it at first, but the power supply will go easily around 60° and my print just become something like a Salvador Dalí artwork (The persistence of memory).

PETG is just fine. I used some Tesa Powerstrips Small (not an affiliate link), 4 in total, 2 per piece.

I would recommend printing 2 pieces for a better holding.

Find it on Printable, or buy a membership for a commercial license!

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