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COVID-19 Customer Registry

COVID-19 Customer Registry

Mar 20, 2021

Hello everyone. Today I'm happy to push online the COVID-19 Customer Registry page on my website dedicated to smart and affordable solutions for small business during the sanitary crisis.

In some countries (like Belgium) those kind of registry are legally mandatory. In France I think it's still optional as well as in Luxembourg. But it's a nice addition to your efforts you are making to fight the spread and I'm sure your customers will be sensible to it.

But mostly what I saw are pen & paper solution, made quickly and without any investment (because a digital solution would be expensive). But during pandemic, asking people to use paper and sometimes even share a pen doesn't seems right isn't it?

Introducing, the 🆓 COVID-19 Customer Registry !

Made in an hour during my #nocode Thursday steams over Twitch, where I'm exploring using no code tools to solve practical problem and needs, I spend a bunch of extra hours outside of it in order to package it properly and release it to whoever want to use it.

And for my subscribers, you'll get the customization for free 🥰 (100€ worth value).

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