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I want you! | Join as a Supporter or Member (Public Post)

Jan 16, 2024

Let's finally do this, but the right way. Hi, welcome to my page! If you're here, it's because you like my writing and/or creative projects and you want to support me. Like Patreon & Ko-fi.

A lot of this post is copied and pasted from an old post, but I updated it to fit my 2024 plans. I am going to truly push myself this year to be better.

First of all, there are no strings attached when you join any membership on this page. There is no obligation to remain a member. If you find this page is not for you, cancel at any time with no hard feelings. Several posts shared with any of my memberships will be available to the public through their respective platforms. With an exception for BMaC exclusives, and I will get into that later.

How does your support for this page help me?

All funds earned through this page will help me pay for the services needed to publish my books and be a source of income so that I can continue writing. I am considering the use of a Kickstarter to help me later on, but for now, crowdsourcing is my best option at the moment.

What do YOU get in return for your support?

The Write Monthly $3 membership is focused on all things from the WriMo Blog (progress during monthly writing challenges, tricks of the writing trade for writers, etc.) I do not consider myself a teacher, but I do know how to share my experience with others and allow them to grow in their writing journey. While this membership is mostly to give members early access to all WriMo posts, there will be exclusive content, as well as updates regarding my publication journey. These posts will be exclusive early access to the membership. I will have an official posting schedule soon.

You do not need to join the membership if you do not want to; you can offer support by sending me "a Book" better known as "A cup of coffee", for the bottom rate of $5. This does mean you get early access to membership posts, but you will also see the posts publicly on the official Write Monthly blog.

Additionally, there will be special discounts for some of my offers for Golden Members ONLY (which will be found on the “Shop” tab of this page in the future.) I will share a post about those coming offers soon. I will say that these extras will be geared toward writers, with a lower budget, seeking affordable book-related services. As previously mentioned, I will share a post about this topic another time.

As this page grows and as I produce more content, my goal is to keep you updated on my progress and share special exclusives to keep you interested.

Thank you for dropping by. I hope this post was enticing enough to draw you in. If not, you will see a lot of my content elsewhere, except for the exclusive stuff.

Stay safe, and stay awesome. See you in the funny papers!

P.S. I forgot to add the TikTok icon. You can find me @TheWriMoBlog

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