Newsletter #12

Newsletter #12

Jun 16, 2021

Twelve newsletters. A whole year of writing them. I'm honestly shocked I managed as far as I have. There were some bumps in the road, primarily TinyLetter not liking to have pictures added to it, and, of course, now I've mostly stopped using images as much, so I probably could've stayed with TinyLetter, but I'm dithering.

I first want to thank everyone who has ever even opened one of these things. I'm immensely grateful, always and forever. I hope that you continue to support me while enjoying it.

There's a lot that happened in May and a lot that will happen in June so let's just hop right into it.


The first and most exciting is, of course, opening my Etsy store! I'm almost all set up, and I originally planned for a mid-June launch, but I've decided to wait until the new month. That gives me a bit more time to make sure everything will go a bit more smooth and give me time to market a bit more, but I'm very excited!! I'm prepping product photos still, but I can share a few with you now. I'll also be sharing some production videos and vlogs over on TikTok, if I can stop being afraid of messing vlogs up. I'm a very worrying person. Feel free to follow TikTok in advance!


The last month has been spent a lot on sticker designing and really getting those done. A lot of concept work is being thrown around my head right now. I've also started work on premade emotes and on adopts again. I've taken a renewed interest in my art studies group, so I'm hoping to accomplish one study a week of some kind. Hopefully, between that, sticker art, store promoting, and just-for-me art, I'll finally update my social medias again. But for now, I have the feeling I'll be mostly quiet on all fronts until July.


There is still back editing to do, new editing to do, and of course, new writing to make. I still have a comic project on the back burner cooking on low heat, and I'm working on a serial or two (maybe just a novella made into a serial? plans are still happening) that will be posted onto Tapas and then later onto Royal Road. Of course, any and all works are published to monthly support beforehand.

I actually have my Spideypool: In Every World Zine fic to post to ao3 sometime soon. I still really enjoy that fic and can't wait to share it with the public. If you had picked up that zine, know that you own all of my heart.


I will be starting weekly streams in June. The tentative date and schedule right now is Tuesdays during my early mornings. Something around 4am GMT -4. If I stream more than that, then I've done a good job, and if I stream less than that, well, we tried. Again. But that brings us to the next point, Discord. Ko-fi has recently launched discord integration for Ko-fi gold members. That means anyone who at any point has supported me will gain access to my community discord server. It will also be available and advertised on my Twitch streams.

It isn't up just yet. I plan to open it about a week before store launch for monetarily supported folks and then to everyone a few days after store launch. It's a bit hectic already trying to get everything set up and together. Creating rules is always tricky for me, but I'm very excited about this as well.


My chair recently broke on me, and I've decided I want to get a good chair that will hopefully last me quite a few years; those are very expensive though. Because of this, I have a higher goal on my Ko-fi than normal, and also using my Buy Me A Coffee account seriously. There are goals on both platforms, and I'm thinking about making different goal rewards for each site. So you may support me on whichever you're more comfortable with or work towards the prize you want more. I've also started to post my newsletter on both sites a few days after it's posted to emails, just to give email users some reward for it.

There is, of course, no obligation to support me monetarily, but sharing the info posts around will be a big help. I'm very tired of sitting on this stiff-hard-as-brick antique chair that is actually older than both my mother and me combined. It's also hurting my back and my ability to do work. Who knew not being able to bear sitting down for a long time would be the solution in getting me to walk around more.

Thank you for reading, see you next time!

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