The Ageing Surfer Podcast

The Ageing Surfer Podcast

Dec 31, 2021

Hey TUKSS tribe. How are you all?

Good Christmas? Get many waves or too much food and drink to be able to get into your wetsuit..?🤣😂👍🏻

So, we felt like total celebrities when we got invited onto another podcast as guests. This podcast is called The Ageing Surfer Podcast. The hosts have a great idea for the structure of their episodes. Perfect Sessions! The guests have to describe their perfect surf session. The sessions can be a total fantasy or an actual session you’ve had.

The questions are:-




People to surf with?

Celebrities to surf with?


Soundtrack to the session?

Food after?

Real fun to create your perfect session. The hosts are lovely guys and we chatted for ages before and after recording the episode.

If you’re interested in listening to our perfect session check out the episode here….

Have a go at creating your perfect session and let us know what it is.

Check out The Ageing Surfer Podcast on social media. They are most active on Facebook.

Let us know what you think of our perfect sessions.

Peace out and Happy New Year✌️

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