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The Path To Health

The Path To Health

May 20, 2021

I believe that a good place to start when considering your health is examining what you are eating. What you eat will have an impact on your health. It really is that simple. Here are a few reasons why.

Take the last thing on the list above regarding strong bones. Bone density is important in many ways, one example being that it helps to reduce the incidence of fractures. In layman's terms, eating the most appropriate diet for your physiology can make a big difference.

Certain nutritional habits, such as eating animal-based protein seems to be associated with improved bone density compared to plant-based protein for example. (1)

Here are the geeky 'sciencey' conclusions from the study. " These findings, along with the intriguing observation of a negative association between vegetable protein consumption and BMD, have significant implications for osteoporosis prevention strategies and warrant further investigation in elderly cohorts."

As you commence your journey towards optimal health consider how it will be manageable for your body and your lifestyle to adapt.

For example, introducing some small changes that over time will add up and make big differences can make changing your ways easier. Many people seem to obtain 'instant success' improving their health by just reducing or eliminating sodas, sugary foods and processed-food-like products. I have not referenced this claim as it now seems common place in anecdotal evidence.

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