Nexilis: Lotus House Q&A Stream TONIGHT!

Nexilis: Lotus House Q&A Stream TONIGHT!

Jul 06, 2021

Tonight at 7pm EST we'll be going live with our second Nexilis Q&A stream HERE ON TWITCH! Casper, Nessa, Jason, Jenny, & Chelsea will all be on stream answering YOUR questions about "Nexilis: Lotus House", D&D, and anything else!

Submit your questions for the stream in any of these ways:

- Comment on this post with any questions that you have for us in regards to Nexilis and D&D!
- Tweet using the hashtag #NexilisQA (and be sure to tag @NexilisGames account!)
- Send your questions in the Discord server (the Nexilis channel)
- Or, come tune in and ask them in the Twitch chat itself!

We're so excited for this Q&A and hope all y'all can join us at 7pm EST!

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