Got First Sponsor for "Nexilis Games"!

Got First Sponsor for "Nexilis Games"!

Aug 18, 2021

EXCITING NEWS! If you've been watching our TTRPG streams "Nexilis Games" over on the Thesperience Twitch or YouTube, then you should DEFINITELY check out our partners: "Grinding Coffee Co."!

We're proud to be fueled by "Grinding Coffee Co.", a Black, LGBTQ+, and woman-led online coffee shop. Save 10% off of your order with promo code NEXILISGAMES and using the link here:

We will receive commission from these sales that will go towards supporting the streams! It also supports a indie coffee company that supports MANY marginalized streamers! Go check out their store with that link above and use the code to get 10% off and support our streams!

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