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Ep 16 is now streaming everywhere!

Ep 16 is now streaming everywhere!

Apr 23, 2021

In this episode, I speak with Gabi Campanario, sketch-journalist at the Seattle Times and founder of the Urban Sketchers organization. Everyone in the urban-sketchers community knows or knows about Gabi, but often only in the role of being the founder. As I researched this episode, I realized it would be a disservice to speak to him only about this. Instead, we talk about the many intersections of art and journalism in his life. He tells me about his early interest in observational drawing, as well as the circumstances under which he came to be a journalist at a time of great change within the industry. We talk about the era of blogs, and what it was like to connect with other writers, photographers and artists on the early internet. We discuss the first USk blog, bringing together correspondents from different parts of the world. In this light, we talk about the importance of chasing one’s interests to simply do things, and about the unexpected virtue of ignorance, i.e. not knowing enough to not try something. We talk about how we see the horizon today, and the vanishing point where art and storytelling meet.

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