We Have To Stop Internalizing Things

We Have To Stop Internalizing Things

Oct 05, 2021

A person’s inability to love or treat you correctly has nothing to do with you! 

So many times we look at things with the wrong perspective when it comes to other people and situations pertaining to us. Someone does us wrong and we immediately take it to heart and may ask “What’s wrong with me? What could I have changed? Is it my fault? Why do I keep messing up things? Why do people keep hurting me?” Sometimes we take blame and all that heaviness when it isn’t ours, or we accept it when we don’t deserve it, no questions asked. We are just hurting ourselves doing that. 

I get it…you feel things deeply. Although we may have a certain sensitivity to things, we can’t let things destroy our peace, our sense of self worth, our focus. Sometimes the other person has something going on with them or they simply do not use the proper skills to control their emotions or be able to convey them appropriately. You are not responsible for the actions of other people. I’ll say it again, you are not responsible for the actions of anyone outside of yourself. You can only take accountability for what you say and do. You can only apologize for and change your words and actions. It’s not about putting blame or pointing fingers, it’s about being realistic about accountability levels. 

Don’t internalize things to the point you feel different about yourself. Don’t get to the point where you feel weak, inadequate or as if you’re a magnet for all things bad. Their actions and words reveal more about them and their life and issues than it does anything about you. Know who you are and stand in that. Be confident about your value. 

Try not to take the mindset of everyone is going to hurt you, everyone is out to get you or everyone will abandon you, because of past instances. Learn from past experience, don’t let it cripple or paralyze you. 

You are smart. You are competent. You are everything you need. You are a blessing to those around you. You attract peace, prosperity and positivity! You are responsible for your happiness and satisfaction. You CAN change your situation. You have the ability to make things happen for you. 

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