Accountability is Your Friend

Accountability is Your Friend

Aug 30, 2021

So many times we look to put the blame or reason to everyone or everything else, but ourselves. We can’t possibly change our situation, if we don’t first address what got us there.

Think about when someone is talking about how their relationships fail all the time or the people that say an entire gender is trash or will cheat. An entire gender is blamed for a person’s choice to be with a certain person or type. We don’t take accountability for staying somewhere longer than we should have. We don’t take accountability for US ignoring all the signs or red flags, because we were stuck on potential or had the fear of being alone.

We have to learn to be honest with ourselves and take accountability for who we are and what we choose.

We complain that we don’t have money or that we seem to be paying bills and having nothing left after. What about the lack of budgeting? What about the choice to spend money on jewelry or clothes or other people before taking care of responsibilities?

Or you talk all day long…all week long…all month long about a vision for a business. You even have the name of your business. You may even have a plan. You tell all your friends and family about what your hypothetical business will do one day and the things it will help us accomplish. In the same breath, you will complain about how your business isn’t taking off. You will continue to complain about working for someone else and tell everyone who will listen how you hate clocking in a 9 to 5 and how you want to work for yourself. Where’s the marketing? Where’s your business cards you ordered? What about your website? Have you invested in the materials you need for your product or service? If it’s something expensive, have you sat down and figured out fundraising options? As the Bible says write the vision and make it plain, have you wrote out your business plan? WE HAVE TO TAKE ACCOUNTABILITY!

And disclaimer: taking accountability is NOT synonymous with judging or condemning yourself. There IS a difference. Taking accountability is the same as taking inventory. It’s taking a personal look into your actions and seeing what you need to change or adjust. When you judge or condemn, you put yourself down and look at yourself in a negative light. When you take accountability, you’re saying, “This is what I chose to do. This is why I made that choice. This is what choice I could have made. This is how I could choose better in the future.”

God has equipped up with all the tools we need to succeed the way we want to and the way He intended for us. All the pieces of the puzzle are there, we just have to put them together.

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