Lost In Tokyo: Part 3 - Searching for Lu ...

Lost In Tokyo: Part 3 - Searching for Lucie

Nov 19, 2023
During Part 3 of Lost in Tokyo, Tim and Sophie continue their relentless search for Lucie Backman in the bustling streets of Tokyo, with Japanese Prime Minister Toshiro Moir's assurances of police commitment. The case takes a twist when a mysterious letter signed by Lucie arrives, although doubts are raised about its authenticity. As tensions rise, Tim faces swindlers promising to reunite him with his daughter, echoing the Amy Lynn Bradley case from Season 2 of The Secret Sits. Meanwhile, they discover a disturbing pattern of women experiencing drugged encounters at a seaside apartment, leading to a growing suspicion that Lucie might have fallen victim to the same predator. Follow us on our social media at: https://drum.io/thesecretsits Support the show https://www.buymeacoffee.com/TheSecretSits All sources can be found in the show transcript. #LostInTokyo #TrueCrimeCommunity #TrueCrime #MurderMystery #PodernFamily #SearchForLucie #LucieBlackman #TokyoPolice #HiddenSecrets #RoppongiLife #OsakaAdventure #AzabuPolice #TrueCrimePodcast #TheSecretSitsSeason3 #Mystery #Podcast #Tokyo
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