What is the Power of 9 Rule

What is the Power of 9 Rule

Feb 27, 2024

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The Power of 9 rule has been attributed to people living longer lives in some regions of the world .

I can’t say that any real research was done or studies but I thought it to be intriguing.

Here are the 9 rules :

Move naturally

Say yes to happy hour

Take time to down shift

Give your diet a plant slant

Find your crew

Abide by the 80 percent rule

Put loved ones first

Find a place you belong

Know your why

So I would argue the plant slant as being mostly Carnivore and a little Keto for almost 4 years I feel great and feel the best I have in many years .

The 80 percent rule is stop eating when your 80 percent full again I would have to argue this goes against almost everything Carnivore that tells you to eat till your full.

I would also argue about the Happy hour but I do agree that it would be good to relax and take stress off your life when ever possible.

The rest well I can't argue they seem to be good rules to live by but I have to say I do.not think IT is for me .

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