UE5 updates

Apr 10, 2022

Hello lovely people! So today I have been delving more into some of the new features of Unreal Engine 5 to see what else it has to offer and I gotta say I'm impressed! I found a new Machine learning mesh deformer which could come in super handy with some of the elements in my game and also found the new Manniquin which is fully setup with IK!

The plan is to take my character back out of the game ( Cry) and rebuild the blueprint seperately to include the new Rig, Swap over to a new meta-human head ( shown in last post) and potentially some new clothes taken from the new city crowds sample!

Anyway hope you are all having an awesome day your support means the world to me in these times, Please could you share this page around, follow to become part of my mailing list , maybe send some VERY needed coffee and perhaps become a member?

Stay Excellent!

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