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Words are hard

Words are hard

Feb 23, 2023

This is one of my favorite pieces, written as words were fleeing my mind. When I say my brain is soup and words are gone, this is what I mean

I've never bothered to even edit this as I think it adds to its rawness


Sometimes I can't be bothered to string letters together to form the words people want to hear. There are too many sounds screaming in my head for other sounds to be let in. In more ways than one, my hands scramble to unfold rhythms and rhyme with my tongue too twisted to untangle its tanglers.

Words circle my brain, all tight and constrained, fighting against the walls, begging to be let out. But my fingers are clogged, much like a rest stop sink. Some things trickle out, bit by bit. Drip. Drop. Dip.

They don't make sense, mixed up in thought. Swirling, twirling, trapped under glass. Coherent and clear will never do, not when messy and full are here for play.

Tempo and form are out the door, stumbling and crumbling, they're begging for more. Begging to be heard, begging to formed. Letters to words to sounds. But sounds scream, words jumble, letters crack...

So even if it's not good enough for you, acknowledgement is the very best I can do.

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