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Masks, Books, and Farewells

Masks, Books, and Farewells

Mar 01, 2023

On the way to the hospital, we stopped at the drugstore for masks. The hospital provides them but they sit out all day, exposed to whoever walks by, so I wanted ones not coated in hospital germs. I found a lore book at the Walgreens. Wasn't expecting to, but Walgreens around here have local books about the history and such. This one was about river folklore and history. I didn't get any books from the bookstore yesterday because I had most of them and the rest were already overly loved and damaged. When we were walking into the store, the employees were talking about someone outside, in a truck, who shouldn't be there. By the time we checked out, the cops had arrived and were approaching the truck. Given this town's drugs of choice, it was opioids or alcohol.

The hospital is across the street, same light even, making the rest of trip easy. He finds us a space, and we begin the hike all the way up to the main entrance, you've seen it, Iron Man 3. What you didn't see was all the history displays set up in every corner and window on the first floor. I don't even know how much of it is accurate history, I don't know who creates or approves the displays. I just know that if you go to the hospital during the day, they have a bunch of workers or volunteers (I don't know which honestly) who not only walk you to your destination, they will point out all the little bits in the displays and any upgrades to the hospital along the way, like a museum tour guide. But I wasn't there during the day, I was arriving at night, when the only person to greet you is a security officer, who gives you a sticker with the date, room number you're going to, and the word "screened" printed on it even though the only screening done was telling me, no questions asked, what room my grandfather was in after I provided his name. They didn't ask mine. They just let me go to his room, no questions asked. And now that I'm thinking about it, that's pretty sketchy. It's extra creepy when you notice the "Your safety is our to concern" signs on all the elevators. But luckily, I had no sinister plot, no ill will, I was just there to say good bye.

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