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Jun 17, 2023

So easily shelved and forgotten, I'm just a doll to you. I make you laugh, make you happy, make you content. But only for a moment. After that moment passes, I'm quickly forgotten. Left to collect dust until you need another moment.

Dolls don't have feelings. Dolls don't have needs, desires, or lives. Dolls are nothing more than playthings waiting patiently for their next moment to shine.

Eventually, though, dolls fall apart. They crack. Get dirt on their pretty dresses. Their hair ribbons start to fray. Dolls like that have lost their way.

You go and find another doll—an uncracked, shiny new doll. One to make you laugh, make you happy, make you content, just like I did once upon a time. How long will that doll's moment last before she is just like me?

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