Welcome Jacked Athletes!

Welcome Jacked Athletes!

Sep 01, 2022

Well, this is my first post in BuyMeACoffee. Here I’m going to be able to make the content that I wouldn’t usually get to make on YouTube. This is predominantly because of the YouTube algorithm.

I see a lot of video themes mentioned in comments but I’m incentivized on Youtube to produce only the content that rakes in the most views, which isn’t what the channel is about.

So, that brings us here, to BuyMeACoffee. BuyMeACoffee is a simple and safe way to give a quick thanks, get help with your planche, or get in contact with me on a personal level to level up your training.

Here I'll be able to give you guys access to videos that I can't produce on YouTube and help you guys out even more (Training Vlogs explaining how I get advanced skills). This is similar to YouTube membership except you have the option to purchase only once rather than a recurring membership if this works better for you!

Let me know what you guys think!

Talk soon Jacked Athletes!

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