12 Bar Minor Blues Backing Track for GUI ...

12 Bar Minor Blues Backing Track for GUITAR PLAYERS

Aug 07, 2023


12 FREE 12 Bar Minor Blues Backing Tracks specially recorded for GUITAR PLAYERS to practise their 12 Bar Minor Blues chords, riffs and solos.

There is nothing better than playing with mates or a band, nothing can replace the feel and excitement of playing live. But are you prepared? Are you practised?

It is so important to practise in context and in time. to be ready for that jam or gig.

These 12 FREE 12 Bar Minor Blues are in every key and run for OVER 10 MINUTES each, plenty of time for you to practise, experiment, solo, etc.

Practise chords, arpeggios, solos, improvisation all in the context of the 12 bar minor blues!

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