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Singapore's work visa and Germany's student visa feature in our latest episodes!

Sep 21, 2021

Hallo, Landsleute! Since we last posted, we have released two episodes on The Greener Side. As our title indicates, one is about Singapore's work visa and the other about Germany's work visa.

May I just say that it's so fun to interview people with whom I go way back! Our two interviewees - Nikko Pascua and Dee Paje, respectively - are people whom I have known since I was a wee lass. Our interview feels like less of an interview and more of a catch-up session. Of course, they never fail to provide us with the essential information on how to move to their respective bases!

Anyway, without further ado...

Episode 8: Singapore on a work visa - listen here

We speak with 29-year-old art director Nikko Pascua, who lives in Singapore under an S Pass or work visa. If you want to work overseas, but still want to be close to the Philippines, then this episode is for you.

Episode guide:

*00:00 - 03:11 - We introduce Nikko Pascua and his visa category

*03:12 - 15:15 - Singapore has different types of work visas - learn which one is right for you. We also discuss work visa requirements, learn which industries are more open to foreign talent, and give tips on how to land a job in Singapore.

*15:16 - 30:30 - The melting pot that is Singapore: find out about its diversity and openness to foreign talent. We talk about its standard of living,  passion for food, and similarities with the Philippines. If permanent residency is in your mind, you'll find out a bit about that, too!

*30:31 - END - In what ways is the grass greener in Singapore?

Episode 9: Free education for everyone! Germany on a student visa - listen here

Yes, you read the title right! If you want to study in Germany - a country that has abolished international fees in its public colleges - this episode is for you. We'll guide you through the process of applying for this nation's student visa. 

Episode guide: 

* 00:00 - 02:30: We introduce our interviewee, Dee Paje, who has been residing in Berlin since 2017 

* 02:30 - 16:00: Germany's student visa: what are the requirements for Filipinos, and how could one get waived tuition fees? How long does the process of applying for a student visa take? We also talk about how different studying in Germany is versus the Philippines 

* 16:00 - 21:00: Could you apply for a work visa after finishing your studies? We briefly talk about the nation's work visa and its path to permanent residency 

* 21:00 - 35:00: Living in Germany: how is it like? We talk about working in the country while learning its language. We also discuss its public transportation, amazing mobility, and free healthcare. Also, what toxic traits do you unlearn when you live in a foreign country? 

* 35:00 - end: Is the grass greener in Germany? 

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