Happy 2022! Ep 12-15 + Season 2!

Happy 2022! Ep 12-15 + Season 2!

Jan 17, 2022

Happy 2022, everyone! How did you spend the beginning of your year? I spent mine being on the road for two weeks, exploring New Zealand's South Island. It's a privilege to be able to travel at this period in time; I only wish for 2022 to be kinder to us all and to give us the opportunity to explore again.

The last time I posted here was 22 October. Since then, I have released four episodes and concluded The Greener Side's Season 1. Whew! Episodes are:

It's always an honor to hear my interviewees' stories and to shed light on the processes one must go through when applying to migrate. I hope you find these informative! And with that...

Season 2 premieres tomorrow! We usher in the new year with an episode on how you could save up to move overseas. We discuss ways to earn money in the short-term, when and how to invest your money, and if cryptocurrency is a viable option. Watch our podcast space!

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