Winter skincare tips

Winter skincare tips

Dec 17, 2020

#wellnesswednesday post!

Today we are going to talk about winter skincare tips.

1. Use sunscreen ,yes even though it's cold and not as sunny. Your skin still need protection from UV rays.

2. Don't forget to exfoliate to remove build of dead dry skin

3. Stay hydrated!!!! Serousily it's important all year! I know drinking water can be boring. Add fresh lemon and lime or cumcumber slices, or mint leaves to your water.Not only is it refreshing it helps detox as well!

4. Moisturizer is a must! And not just for the face! Don't forget you have skin all over and it needs to be kept hydrated and nourished to keep you healthy!

5. Use a humidifier to add a little moistur to the air. This helps with sinus problems as well.

6. Add a vitamin C serum to your skincare routine to help boost skin immunity and brighten complexion.

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