What is a Personal Beauty Coach?

What is a Personal Beauty Coach?

Dec 17, 2020

What is a personal beauty coach?

You could probably ask 10 - 20 people and get that many different answers. And all answers could technically be correct.

I decided to give myself the title of Personal Beauty Coach, because to me it sums up what I do. You see I got my certificate in life coaching and I'm extremely excited to start working as a life coach! I'm also a makeup artist and Personal styliest, and I love doing this these services as well. I wanted to combine all of these into one uqnic business! So I came up with Personal Beauty Coach, and I offer a more than makeup makeover! A total makeover for mind, body , and spirt!

I work with women to build confidence, discover and connect to their self worth , and crate a personal style that they love! Of course I offer the makeup applications and just styling consultations , but I can also include my very uqnic life coaching services as well. So diffention of a personal beauty coach , is a life coach who helps their clients improve confidence and uplevel their lives through style, Beauty looks, and mindset!

If you would like to learn more about me and what I do please message me.

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