Nothing Looks as Good as Confidence does ...

Nothing Looks as Good as Confidence does on You!

Nov 29, 2021

Now you know I love dressing up and doing my makeup! However I use style and makeup as a way to express myself. They do help me feel beautiful and that gives me more confidence. With that being said I want to share an important beauty tip with you. Nothing looks as good or is more attractive than confidence.

Feeling Confident and feeling beautiful helps you present yourself in that way! Remember how you see and think about yourself determines how others see you as well. This is why I always suggest doing something everyday that helps you feel confident and beautiful! Now for me that is doing my makeup , and or dressing up and of course wearing my Jewlery aka my spider bling. I also take time daily to read something motivational and uplifting and continue learning. And I love writing out goals and affirmations. I also approach any body image issues with love as I have found this helps me achive goals and feel confident far better than self hate, negative self talk or shame.

So tell your body you love it and all the imperfections and you accept it as you look for for ways to make improvements for your over all good ! The best makeover starts with your mindset ! And yes sometimes a new look helps give you a confidence

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