How do You see Yourself

How do You see Yourself

May 02, 2022

I want to ask you an important question today, and I want you to take a few minutes to answer it honestly. How do you see yourself? How do you describe yourself? Take a minute or two and write the answer(s) down. Start out with I see myself as ________. Fill in the blank.

The reason this is an important question is how we see and think about ourselves , has a direct impact on how others see us. If you are feeling really good and thinking you look great , guess what. You carry yourself differently, you present a completely different energy or vibe , than when you are down on yourself. When you see yourself as looking great , beautiful , or dare I say sexy, you carry yourself with more confidence. And people around you pick up on that energy and see you in that way as well. Thats why I truly believe its important to make time everyday to do things that make you feel good about yourself and help you feel beautiful. For me personally In the morning its doing my makeup , especially my eye makeup. Having my eyes all done up makes me feel beautiful and a little bad ass. Then add a pair of killer heel and I feel like I can rule the world. U can tell a big difference when I don't take time to doll up my eyes. During the day doing a quick work out makes me feel amazing. I should add I hate to sweat lol. But a fun easy walk or mini dance routine make me feel great and brings that boss babe energy back.

Of course dressing in cute jeans and dress shirts help give me that boss babe vibe ! You will have to find your own thing. Its ok if makeup and glam are not your thing! Maybe you are more into fitness and sports. Perhaps you are more into natural beauty, or even your main thing is building your mind. There are no wrong answers. Find what makes you feel awesome and beautiful and add it into your daily routine!

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