Consistency is Key not Perfection!

Consistency is Key not Perfection!

Apr 15, 2024

As a lot of you know, I recently started back on my wellness and weight loss journey. I found a latte flavored protein shake mix I actually like and started eating healthier foods. I also started back working out to help get back in shape. I did really good last week up till Saturday. Saturday I wasn't feeling great and skipped my workout. That alone wasn't bad as I had worked out at least 20 minutes every day up till then. However, I gave into temptation and ate chips, cookies and a lot of unhealthy foods. Ok I admit it I binged on junk food Saturday.

Afterwards I started to feel like I had ruined my diet and my chance at getting back into shape. I was journaling about it, and realized it was foolish to think that this one day was all that mattered. I gave myself grace and said I could get back on track the following day, and I did. I also took a look at what triggered me into the junk food binge. I had been stressing over work and launching my new coaching packages. I was also feeling a little overwhelmed with trying to figure out the best way to market my coaching business. My husband had been working a lot of overtime and wasn't able to help with our little one as much. That lead to me skipping my personal time, and the stress got to me.

Now I am taking steps to ensure I don't get that stressed and overwhelmed again. And to keep the cravings down, I am adding one small portion of my favorite snacks daily. This way I am not feeling deprived, and I will be less likely to overeat. Stocking up on fresh fruits and veggies for snacks as well.

I know that one day of slip up isn't a reason to give up, after all consistency is way more important than perfection! After all perfection is an allusion to keep us locked in fear mode! Don't let the allusion of perfection stop you from showing up for yourself and others who need you!

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