Connecting to Your Purpose

Connecting to Your Purpose

Dec 20, 2021

If you are feeling stuck, and a little unsure of yourself, along with unfulfilled, there is a good chance you are not connected to your purpose. And if you are not connected to your purpose you certainly can't be living your purpose. And amazingly a lot if not most people do not know what their purpose is. even more alarming is the fact most people do not know how to find and connect to their purpose. So for today's mindset Monday post I thought I would share one of my favorite and easiest exercises to help find and connect to your purpose.

Find a nice quiet place to sit, and think or mediate and journal. 1st take a few minutes to think about what your purpose is. Ask yourself What are you naturally good at? list out the answers that come to mind. What do people come to you for help with. And what do enjoy doing? What really lights you up ? What would you be doing if you had no fear of judgement and if money wasn't an issue? Free write in your journal and see what comes up for you. Looking at the answers will help you see what your purpose is, and working with a spiritual coach can help you find clarity on your purpose.

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