AWS News Letter & Results from 12/18/21

AWS News Letter & Results from 12/18/21

Dec 20, 2021

The AWS 12/18/21 show Annihilation was a big night for the company! The night started with The GM Dixie the Spider Queen asking The Syrian Sheik Akbar Bashar to come out. She proceeded to present him with a Yule gift. A green Christmas elf dress , she said she thought it would match his boots and the new nick name he had been given by Ryker , who started calling him Elf on the shelf. She went on to say she was able to add a stipulation to the street fight between team AWS and Global Domination, where if global lost he would have to wear the elf outfit out for his match later in the evening.

After The Spider Queen finished with presenting the Yule gift to the sheik , she called her opponent Pink Passion for her rematch for the Queens Championship. These two fought back and fourth, but Dixie dose best, she started targeting the arm and legs taking her opponent's mobility away. This allowed her to make Pink Passion tap out, but apparently quicker than she actually wanted. As after she had won she continued to beat down Pink Passion saying she wasn't done. Once again Dixie the Spider Queen is the AWS Queen's Champion.

Next up was the street fight between team AWS featuring Rush Kenndy , Ronnie York, and Tyler Blaze and Global Domination featuring Kat Daddy , Dirty Joe, and Ace Harris. It looked like Global was going to get the win when Ronnie York was left in the ring as the last member of team AWS ,with Kat Daddy and Ace. But he managed to get the upper hand again until The sheik came out to interfere, which lead to Ryker coming out. After everything was said and done it was Team AWS with the win, and Global lost all titles that its members held and they had to disband. Leaving Championships vacant.

The GM decided to start assigning the titles ,starting with The ASW House of Pain Championship. She called Sir Wesley Willams to the ring, and told him she thought he should be named the House of Pain champion because Bubba Hogg had cheated to win that title from him the previous week. But as Wesley was accepting the belt back Bubba Hogg came out and said , he had nothing to do with any cheating that might have taken place, and he wasn't involved in the street fight that cost him the title, So he challenged Wesley to a match for the title, Sir Wesley accepted. The match ended in a bit of controversy as The Gm was called away from ring side, briefly and when she returned Bubba had won the title and all the fans were yelling that Kat Daddy interfered and helped Bubba cheat to win once again. The ref didn't see it , and nether did Dixie so the decision stands, but The GM said she would be reviewing video footage to see what happened and granted Wesley a rematch to be set for January

Next up was the All star wrestling Aliance Womans Championship match between Avril Enoshima and the challenger Jasmaine Hoa . This match was a battle of strength and size vs speed and agility. In the end it was the champion Avril quickness and acrobatic style that won and retained the All star wrestling alliance women's championship.

Then the SCW heavy weight Champion Squeaks the Clown defended his title in a 3 way match between himself , Lazarus Black and Alexivon . It looked like Squeaks and Lazarus was working together, and taking Alexivon out of the match. Then Lazaras seemed to loose focus and start taking his frustration with his ex tag team partner Ryan out on Alexiavon. Then in a surprising twist he walked out of the match and Squeaks was able to easily win and retain his SCW Championship.

Then Tyler Blaze came out with the CMW heavy weight championship belt. Apparently he was the one who stole it at the last show, Ace Harris the rightful CMW Champion came out and said he was taking the belt back. A lot of hard blows were exchanged and both men seemed to want to cheat to win. Luckily Ace was convinced to put his chain out of the ring and not use it, But Tyler Blaze delivered a hard blow to Ace in the back of the head with the Title. The Gm saw it and told the ref to re start the match as Tyler had cheated . As Tyler was arguing with the GM over the decision Ace Harris was able to get a quick roll up and re claimed his title.

The main event of the evening was For the AWS heavy weight Championship Title, Ryker vs Akbar Bashar the Syrian Sheik. The fans got a good laugh as Sheik came out in his elf outfit. But the laughs stopped as he took full advantage of Ryker's injured ribs and targeted the rib area throughout the match. After a long hard fight it was Syrian Sheik Akbar Bashar who managed to get the win. Apparently winning the belt wasn't enough as The Sheik grabbed and carried Avril from ringside and left with her. The Gm pleaded for him to return but he did not , the Gm issued a warning saying Avril was under the protection of her coven and if She was not released Akbar would face her rath, and Ryker issued a warning of his own. With that the 1st show of the new year 01/08/22 New Horizan is sure to be extremely interesting. so don't miss it! mark your calendars now !

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