1st step in Glamorous and sexy makeover

1st step in Glamorous and sexy makeover

Dec 18, 2020

It's that time of year , time for a makeover for the new year! But the 1st step isn't choosing a new makeup look or new clothing style. It actually starts by deciding to be glamorous and sexy!

It is a proven fact how you see yourself affects how others see you. So start your makeover by telling yourself you are one sexy babe! Come up with one or two affirmations to tell yourself everyday, my personal favorite is I am smart, sexy, and successful! I start everyday with this one. You can use it or come up with your own.

Next , give yourself a complement or 2! As you look in the mirror complement what you like about yourself! It's ok to say hey I have a beautiful smile, sexy eyes, exotic hair, a great ass! You decide what you want your complement to be, simply saying wow I look lovely today works. As long as it's a positive statement and you believe it, it works!

And yes you need to do this everyday , this helps put you in a higher vibe and helps you feel better about yourself, and when you ferl good about how you look, you look better and others are gonna notice!

Now when the complements start rolling in from other people, accept them with a smile and say thank you! Under no circumstance are to argue or question it when someone says you look great!

Once you get your mindset inline with you being a sexy glamorous Goddess we can start with makeup and style!

I do this mindset work in my more than makeup makeovers , if you would like more info please message me

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