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The Renderman Cometh

The Renderman Cometh

May 27, 2022

It has felt like it would never happen. It has felt like it was right on the verge of happening. Now it feels like it IS happening! I am about to pull the lever on rendering the FIRST FULL EPISODE of The Best Available. So much love and care has gone into this episode. From the hours of artwork and script revisions to the painstaking choice of music and recordings.

The sheer satisfaction you get when you see a labor of love take flight is something that whether player, artist, or supporter I hope you are feeling right now.

There's still minor things to be done like poking at timestamps and making sure each and every member gets called out for helping to make this happen. You are all amazing and I am as humbled by your support as I am filled with a desire to make everything the absolute best I can for you.

I'll see you very soon with a live link to the YouTube video and I hope you will share it with everyone you can so they can all have an opportunity to share in this journey.

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