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ForeverDM Magic Item - Rockfist's Lanter ...

ForeverDM Magic Item - Rockfist's Lantern

Jun 29, 2022

I can't truly express how fun this one was to make. This lantern hearkens back to an Original D&D game (What I call original D&D anyway. Ran out of the Rules Cyclopedia from TSR.) where you rolled 3d6 for your stats, rolled every hit die, and whew boy that was some rough stuff. Hardcore rules were in effect and it was so much fun to feel the tension as you never knew when some good or bad rolls would make epic successes or tragic failures.

Kell Rockfist was an NPC the group picked up as a hireling because they were short on frontline combatants and his gruff but loyal attitude struck a chord with the group. Much like the Orc they recruited from the Caves of Chaos but that's another story. His epic story of "Not everyone gets an axe!" has been shared around my table for years and it was nice to finally get to give an homage to a well loved character from that series. Several of the party members went on to make their mark as well so maybe we'll see more of their gear in the future!

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