Jonathan Price - What Now?

Jonathan Price - What Now?

Oct 05, 2020

Hi Friends

If you have not heard about the police brutality that cost Jonathan Price his life, please check out this post which includes specific action items and places to donate(this post shows nothing graphic about this situation. I will never post anything like that).

I shared some actions with a prayer group I am in, and I thought it could be helpful to share them here as well:


Pray for this man's mother who wanted to hold him while he died but couldn't.

Pray for the police officer - we don't know what he's thinking, but may it be in line with the heart of Jesus. Pray that he would not disconnect from his humanity in order to not feel the pain of his actions.

Pray for the powers that be in the city, county, state, and country. That they will do what is RIGHT and JUST, not what is the disgusting norm.


Speak to the people in your life who would make excuses about why Jonathan's death doesn't matter.

Speak to those close to you about how you are feeling in this moment. You have to care for yourself in this work.

Speak to black people you are in relationship with. I don't know what every black person needs because black people aren't a monolith, but I know you can find out how to show up for the black people you are connected to.

**And if you are black, don't hesitate to speak up for what you need right now - from your black, poc, and white friends. Even if it's to be left alone.

Lament & Move.

Lament is not without movement, so allow your emotions and questions to move you to these and other actions.

Grateful to be in this community with you all.


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