Up close and personal with The Bubbly Bi ...

Up close and personal with The Bubbly Bibi

Nov 28, 2021

Launched in the midst of the pandemic by Nazia Keenoo, a writer and self-love coach from Mauritius, The Bubbly Bibi is a corner dedicated to personal development and the art of loving yourself.

But why the name “The Bubbly Bibi”? Simply because Bibi has an incredibly bubbly personality, outgoing spirit, and a passion for helping others discover their superpower, which is self-love. Gregarious, forthright, and assertive, Nazia aims to share positivity and confidence in every soul. Through her daily Instagram quotes and weekly podcasts, she wants to inspire people to love themselves unconditionally and become better versions of themselves at the same time.

Despite being new to the world of podcasting, The Bubbly Bibi has already garnered an impressive string of positive reviews, with over 10,000 combined followers across all her social media pages and over 35,000 podcast downloads in 110+ countries. Her podcast is available in English and French on over 40 different platforms. You can also check out all her latest posts here.

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